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Every day we woke up early, work, suffer stress, nerves ... When you get home, if you have a free moment, we put the clothes and went out to practice sport. Life is hard. We always strive to do everything better. We train and live in many cases the limit. Since ALWAYS CAN DO IT BETTER © think also deserve a reward, a benefit, a relaxing moment of disconnection. Precisely for this reason, and after much searching, we found a product that helps us move to the state of relaxation that both crave and need. Our friends Ersand believe have nailed it. A unique product, with multiple fragrances, with which to escape the world. What it delivers is Ersand incense, perfume made in tablets but easily usable. The best thing is you do the test as we did. Captivated us from its exquisite presentation, ease of use, to scents that are far from the conventional incense, too tiresome and in many cases with chemical additives. And just for that, to judge yourselves Ersand as our partners, we offer a discount of EUR 5 in the "presentation pack" to all our supporters, and equivalent discounts on parts and different scents. So you just have to ask for the password and enter ACDIB customers on its website to get this discount www.ersand.es instant. It's that simple. Do you want to start?



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