RONHILLRonhill Running textile and accessories and high performance Trailrunning.

Ronhill was founded in September
1970 by the runner and Textile Chemistry PhD Dr. Ron Hill who was the inventor of several products, including
cutting the Short side for comfort, waterproof and windproof reflective

Dr Ron Hill was the second man in history to lose 2:10 in Marathon. It
took place at the Commonwealth Games in Edinburg on July
23, 1970 with a time of 2:09:28.

On her legs's 150 marathons, including two Olympic Games: Tokyo 1964 and Munich
1972 and various victories and championships as winner of the Boston Marathon
1970, gold medal at the European Championships in 1969
and the world record holder of 10 miles, 15 miles, 20 miles and 25 miles

Keep track of your workouts and races since September 3, 1956 when I was still in school, and has run every day since December 20, 1964.

The December 20, 2011 celebrated 47 years running, completing 17,167 days
consecutive running with more than 210,000 miles in his
A hero!

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